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wow. life is random.

Jun. 3rd, 2009

 So getting called back about a freakin' sweet apartment in Monterey in my price range, 4 blocks from the beach, and in a nice, quiet area just made up for everything i've been through lately, also made me care 90% less because in 2 months I'll be the fuck away from this drama, these people, this dirty, crime ridden city (i love it but i want out...for now)....

thank goddess, I hope this works out! :D

Peace of mind

I feel liberated right now.....

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cut all my hair off.

but my best friend didn't :(

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i find out in 9 hours


 I love california and am sad to leave the ocean, the animals, and the peace behind. and i am definitely not looking forward to two long flights today. and fuck phoenix airport, I'm definitely not happy to be going back there! (LOL, I'm sorry katie! i had a bad experience there coming....maybe this time will be better. i'm sure the rest of AZ is ok...but I blamed john mccain for my bad day wednesday! lolz)

kayla, you will love it out here. hopefully our paths with cross in june! (well, hopefully before that, but hopefully then, too.) 

thank god for the eagles. something to make going back less depressing....

time for free breakfast and to say goodbye to the pacific.